Armistead Promoted to Partner

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Coppins Monroe is pleased to announce that Will Armistead has been promoted to Partner! Will has been with the firm since 2016 and we are thrilled that he will be helping to write the next chapter of our storied law firm.

Just in time for our Facebook employee spotlight, here’s a little about our newest partner.

Will attended high school at Parkview High in his hometown of Lilburn, Georgia. His proudest achievement while at Parkview was getting an A in Ms. Pinson’s calculus class in his senior year, so it should not come as a surprise to learn that his favorite subject in school was math. Despite mathematical success, according to Will, he dreamed only of being taller when he grew up. Maybe he will achieve that dream someday.

Will would go on to attend Florida State University for his undergraduate as well as his Juris Doctorate, making him a loyal Seminole through and through. When asked about his favorite place he had ever visited, he answered: “Pasadena, California in early January of 2014.” If you’re an FSU fan, that time and place will sound very familiar, as it corresponds to FSU’s victory over the Auburn Tigers in the national title game.

Will is married to his wife Kim, and together they have two sons Breen and Davis, as well as an Australian labradoodle named Charlie. According to Will, lately his house has become less of a football household, and more of a fútbol household, with his boys taking up a keen interest in soccer. This love of soccer extends to the digital realm, where Will has apparently made a hobby out of claiming victory over his children in FIFA ’22 on their Playstation. We were not able to verify the legitimacy of these claimed victories.

Will is an avid enjoyer of movies, podcasts, TV, and music. His favorite movie is Tombstone, his favorite podcast is Revisionist History, his favorite album is Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins, and his favorite television show is Breaking Bad. If he were to have dinner with one famous person, living or dead, it would be with Larry David, and they would likely be having a slice of pizza at Momo’s and a beer from Oyster City Brewing Company. Sounds like a great meal between two comedically inclined individuals.

Finally, when asked what sets him apart from others, Will answered with only three letters: DNA.