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Stephanie J. McDowell

Stephanie McDowell graduated summa cum laude from The International Institute where she majored in English and earned a BA in pre-law.Her continuing education courses include: Emerging Issues for Today's Employment Law Practitioner, Topics in Evidence, Locating/SkipTracing, Accessing Public Records via the Internet, Asset Protection/Judgment Collection, Employment Discrimination, Asset ProtectionPlanning, Witness Credibility, Ethics of E-Discovery, Ethical Issues In Litigation, EEO Internal Investigations, E-filing in Circuit Court, andElectronic Filing with the USDC. Ms. McDowell has over 19 years of experience as a legal investigator and 27 years as a litigation paralegal,including 15 years in securities arbitration and financial fraud. The early years included exposure to a variety of cases in civil, family,corporate, and criminal law. More recently, her focus is civil rights/employment discrimination defense, police liability defense, civil litigation,and personal injury as it relates to local government defense, insurance defense, and school board defense. Ms. McDowell is a FloridaRegistered Paralegal as recognized by the Florida Bar. In addition to her career pursuits, Stephanie has volunteered as a languageskills/reading tutor at the DePaul School for Dyslexia and has assisted with Special Olympics, cub scouts, and giri scouts. In her leisuretime, Stephanie enjoys kayaking, photography, camping, nature, family activities, and travel.

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Claudia Marchena

Ms. Marchena earned her bachelor’s degree in French from Florida State University where she graduated summa cum laude in 1991. After being the first non-American citizen to be awarded a scholarship to study in Paris, she returned to Florida State to earn her master’s degree in Linguistics and Multi-lingual Education in 1993. She taught languages and began to serve as an interpreter between lawyers and various school districts, which led her to begin a career as a paralegal in 2002. She graduated with honors from the National Center for Paralegal Training in Atlanta in 2003, and is a Florida Registered Paralegal as recognized by the Florida Bar.  Fluent in Spanish and French, she volunteers as a translator and serves on the board of L'alliance Francaise de Tallahassee.  She is also an active member of Tallahassee Hispanic Professionals and Entrepreneurs and the American Translators Association.  She is a member of the Big Bend Chapter of the Paralegal Association of Florida.